Casa Kelak

Discovery Casa Kelak

We invite you to know our love story for cocoa and nature.

Our Story

Our adventure in the Peruvian jungle began in 2014, when we decided to implement the dream of producing the best quality cocoa.

Our Cocoa

Our star product goes through a series of processes and special care to obtain the best quality cocoa and fine scent.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on respect and care for the environment. Likewise, we are committed to working hand in hand with local people.


Export Cocoa

The genetics chosen are mostly Trinidadian cocoa known in South America under the acronym: ICS 95, ICS 39, TSH 565, VRAE 15, VRAE 99 and natives.

Permanent Supervision

Monitoring the field through foliar analysis, to obtain the plants in their best state for production.

Permanent analysis of the presence of cadmium in fermented and dry grains, which allows us to ensure that we will always be within the limits allowed for export to the European market.

Environmentaly friendly

Our plantations coexist with other forest trees and animals. Each of our processes respects the environment. It is our main concern, the preservation of the forest and animals.

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